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Competition with friend to lose a stone quickly! Advice pls....

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parker1313 · 20/07/2010 12:01

A friend & started a comp about a month ago. Iv lost 5 1/4 1bs 1bs and she has lost 6 3/4 1bs.
We r putting in a fiver per week&the 1st person to lose gets the money.
I really need the money!!!! (don't we all!)
What's the quickest way to lose it?!

OP posts:
kayah · 20/07/2010 13:53

Have you tried Dunkan yet?

I suppose all depends on your budget and your BMI.

The more to loose the easier it is. Low carb diets are more expensive as you need to eat lots of good quality meat and fish.

However Dunkan permits cheese too.

Give me soem clues about your BMI and your budget and dislikes too

parker1313 · 20/07/2010 14:14

I'm 10 st bmi is 23&im 5ft 6. I really am gunna struggle x

OP posts:
valiumSingleton · 20/07/2010 14:19

What's your diet achilles heel?

Is it all the washing and chopping?

Is it the boredom?

or the weighing and measuring & feeling hunger?

(for me it's hunger, I can stand anything but not being hungry so when I diet, I invent 'meal replacements' such as porridge with soya milk (170 cals) with 2 dried apricots.

Same again 2 and a half hours later followed by an apple and 3 brazil nuts.

two and a half hours later, more porridge with an orange, and an egg.

'dinner' salads, as many as you like with a can of kidney beans OR a can of tuna mixed in. with balsamic vinegar.

The kidney beans really fill you up, but only about 140 cals in a can.

but I do NOT go hungry.

kayah · 20/07/2010 14:46

Are you finding easy to deny yourself carbs (all of them or some like potatoes, bread, snacks - crisps and sweets)?
Or replacing them with veg?

How do you feel about not eating fruit during summer?

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