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Anyone know any good, motivational (and free!) weightloss websites?

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dinny · 21/08/2005 10:04

Please! Really need to ditch my blubber now ds is nearly one!

OP posts:
Copper · 23/08/2005 07:45

I've just signed up to and am finding it really helpful. It's not free - $9.00 a month - but that's quite a lot cheaper than weekly WW or SW sessions.

Basically you enter everything you eat and it does all the calculations for you - calories, carbs, protein, fat, vitamins, sodium etc. - and shows you if your diet is healthy as well as what you need to do to lose. It's a bit American but you can always enter your own data from the labels of your favourite foods and add them toyour own 'fridge'.

A friend recommended it who has lost 3 stone on it since January (a serious yo-yo dieter - says its the best she's ever done). I'd say it was for someone who knows what they should be eating but has gone a bit haywire on portion size, snacking etc - me in other words! It does recommend low target weights (8.5 stone for me - not since I was about 10!)but you can put in your own target. The aim is 1lb a week which is supposed to be best for long term weight loss.

The long term aim is to reeducate your eating habits so that you always eat healthily. I like it because it's immediate and computer based - go along guiltily at work and add that coffee and bun to find it wasn't so bad after all ...

Furball · 23/08/2005 07:53

Feeling Fat
Weight loss Tips

mancmum · 23/08/2005 12:22

there is a free one called something like

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