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Dukan Diet Experience

7 replies

CarTrouble · 18/07/2010 19:19

I'm thinking of doing it but is it only for those for have a little to lose? I've a lot.

I'm a 16/18 and weighing in at 13st 8, 5ft 7. I'd like to lose 3 stone and think that this would be a good "kick start". Is it worth a go or is it only for those with under a stone to lose? Anyone else out there willing to tell me their experience of it?

OP posts:
anonymousbird · 19/07/2010 12:54

I can't give you experience, but also thinking of giving it a go, I need to lose 2 stone.

I just saw a friend yesterday who has been doing it for 3 weeks. Had not seen her during that period, and she has lost a LOT.... lots and lots! But it requires steely willpower.
Effects are amazing though!

I don't think it is limited to "light" weight loss at all. The more you need to lose means the longer the first (hardest) phase is, from what she was saying.

Good luck.

Nancy66 · 19/07/2010 15:16

i don't think it's meant for those with only a little to lose - there are people that have lost 3 stone plus on the main thread.

I only had about 10 pounds to lose - weight gained after being unable to exercise due to surgery - and I lost that in 3 weeks.

On the plus side:

very fast weight loss
easy to understand
don't feel hungry

on the down side:

no good for vegetarians
requires willpower
I had a spell of light headedness around days 7-10 but they passed

Katisha · 19/07/2010 15:21

Here's the main thread.
I would def recommend it.

CarTrouble · 20/07/2010 10:40

hi everyone thanks for getting back - I've had a look at the main thread now and can see that there are people on there that have lost 2 stone plus so that's promising. I started yesterday and found it easy enough although can imagine I'll be dying for some veg by the end of the Attack Phase. Still, it's a small sacrifice to make for a relatively short amount of time isn't it?

OP posts:
mumtothewalls · 10/06/2011 23:56

Hi, I've been on the Dukan diet for 17 days (have over 4 stone to loose) first week brilliant having lost 10lb but then I struggled and experienced light headiness and have had more migraines than usual but I think it is just my body readjusting to the zero sugar element of the diet. Still early days and I now seem to be loosing just about 2lb a week but I am eating a lot and therefore I think as diets go it appears to be sustainable and I can exist quite happily of skinny lattes. I would recommend (people say I look healthier) and it is retraining my pallet away from carbs and sugars which is not a bad thing.

foreverondiet · 11/06/2011 23:22

I have done dukan, and its also for those with a lot to loose, but I'm not convinced its the healthiest diet as for every 2nd day its protein only (no veggies). I did my amended version whereby I ate protein and veggies every day and still lost fast enough. It does require good willpower but I decided it would be easier for me to stick with it if I could eat vegetables!

elliehh · 12/06/2011 14:48

My mum is doing this diet at the mo. She has dropped 4 dress sizes in the past 12wks i think x

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