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Weaning - am I doing it correctly?

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GreenShades · 07/10/2022 06:11


I have 7.5 month old twins. Started weaning at 6 months. I have a Ella's kitchen weaning guide and in there it's written from 7 months offer food then milk.

So when a milk feed is due I offer solids then milk. Currently taking 4x8oz bottles a day. If they eat well then they may only take around 6oz instead.

What my question is, is that on mumsnet I find threads saying that you don't interfere with bottle feeds so you give the solids and bottle an hour apart. In the guide it stated that only at 6 months but 7 months onwards give solids then milk.

My twins still take upto an hour to finish a 8oz bottle so I cant exactly give solids straight away as they wont be hungry.

Usually the feeds will go like this;

6am - milk 8oz
10am - breakfast weetabix or porridge followed by milk feed
2pm- lunch followed by milk feed
6pm - milk 8oz

Where they have something to eat they will only drink around 6oz-7oz.

So am I doing the whole weaning process correct as I read all sorts online?

Thank you

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HumanDummy2022 · 08/10/2022 19:18

Bumping for you as I’d also be interested in people’s thoughts on this. I have a 8 month DS and was initially doing milk then solids but have recently experimented with doing solids first and he eats so much more. He’s breastfed so I don’t know how much milk he’s getting but maybe it’s a bit less (as in feeds are shorter) when he has solids first. I don’t know how you actually can wean them off milk if milk is always offered first when they’re hungry.

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PunchyAnts · 08/10/2022 19:22

Loads of "right" ways to do it. At 7.5mos I would expect one or two offers of solids per day. Let them have the solids they want and then offer milk.

Don't stress about how much they've eaten because milk will be their main source of nutrition until 1yo.

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