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Weaning from bf

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Mommyof2dinos · 06/10/2022 03:31


my toddler will be 3 in jan. He still co-sleeps and nurses throughout the night. Thanks to band-aids I’ve gotten him to fall asleep on boob amd then cover up while he’s sleeping so he doesn’t nurse again until morning.

however, he’s starting to keep trying to nurse earlier in the night. I’m exhausted.

i am planning our first over-night trip without the kids for late January and am worried about how he will be without me (and my boobs).

would it be terrible to introduce a binky to a 2yo at night time (if he would even take it).

i understand I would just have to wean the binky too but at least I’d get my body back in time for my trip..

any advice is helpful

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dreamersdown · 06/10/2022 04:08

I re-read this a couple of times as I thought you were talking about a 3 month old!

You poor thing. Of course it wouldn’t be terrible. Your toddler doesn’t need milk for nutrition at this point, it can only be habit/ comfort.

A binky could work; but then you’d be stuck trying to get them off that later. It might be worth just stopping BF and having a clear conversation with them about that, about why you’re stopping and that they can’t have any more milk. A few days of that and reaffirming that and they’ll be fine.

in my experience, change is taken better when the entire circumstance is changed. Could you combine this with putting them in their own room? You need to break the cycle.

Finally, don’t worry about January - even if they don’t sleep, it’s only a couple of nights, I promise it will be fine.

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