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Lunch ideas

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mrscotton · 02/10/2022 10:01

Hi, my LO is going to be 7 months a week today so we are going to introduce lunch into his day (he currently has dinner every night).

I was thinking of giving him toast & yogurt today as he hasnt had any allegens yet. Hes been having fruit & veg purees since 6months.

Any ideas on what i can do for lunch as I would like to give him different everyday?

Also when would he be able to drop a bottle, he currently has 5x 7oz a day and drinks 90% of them. I am having to change our routine to an hour earlier due to starting nursery so his feed schedule will be:

6.15am - 7oz bottle
9.30am - 7oz bottle
12.45pm - lunch
1.15/1.30pm - 7oz bottle
4.15pm - dinner
4.45/5pm - 7oz bottle
8.30pm - 7oz bottle

He currently goes 9.30pm until 7am without a bottle so bringing it forward an hour hopefully wont make no difference.

Thank you

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PritiPatelsMaker · 29/10/2022 16:07

So glad weaning is going well for you.

There are some really good sample menus on page 47 of this guide.

My DD would have happily had Eggy Bread every day though Halloween Grin

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