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Walt Disney World in Florida

What is a good price?

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disneydreaming17 · 06/04/2023 17:18

We are hoping to travel to wdw as a family for the first time. Our children will be 7 & 3 when we'd like to go.

Mainly just researching prices and things atm because there seems to be a lot of info out there.

2 weeks onsite at AOA with tickets and flights seems to be coming in at 9-10k+ is this the norm for a family of 4?

I've priced up May & august next year but May my oldest would miss a week of school for.

Just wondering if it's worth doing a week on-site and a week in a villa to bring costs down if this is standard price for 2a 2c

Thank you 😊

OP posts:

livingthegoodlife · 09/04/2023 17:52

We are going this May. 3 adults & 2 kids. It's costing about £8k for 2 weeks onsite Inc tickets and direct BA flights.

I think your price sounds pretty standard. Tui have some good deals. Personally I chose to stay onsite to avoid car hire fees and parking charges, plus early hours & early restaurant booking.

Did you have a budget in mind?


CaveMum · 10/04/2023 18:05

We’re pricing up a first holiday to Disney for Easter 2024.

12 nights on-site in Caribbean Beach
2 adults, 2 kids (10 & 6)

Hotel, flights & tickets booked direct with Disney coming in at £10,300 (equivalent holiday was £12k with Virgin & £13k with Tui)

TopCashback is offering 3% cash back if booking direct with Disney plus DH can get 5% off with his ex-forces discount card, so that will bring the price down a bit more.

Disney’s 2024 offers are due to be released on 20th April so you might get dining credits, etc if booking a valid holiday (we’re likely to miss out as they usually exclude Easter breaks from the deal 😤)

My advice, join DIBB and use it’s forums to help you plan your holiday and hunt down the best deals.

Other sites worth bookmarking are:


The Unofficial Disney Vacation Planning Guide - Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line

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