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Walt Disney World in Florida

Animal Kingdom, Wilderness Lodge or Polynesian Village?

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BethDuttonsTwin · 12/01/2023 15:27

Torn between these three. Theming a big thing for us as dd is autistic and really into that. Want to feel like we are “really” in that environment iyswim? In a Disnified way obvs 😁

Opinions please?


OP posts:
Horizons83 · 14/01/2023 22:28

I have a soft spot for the Polynesian as that's the only one I have ever actually stayed in.. but if you are looking for theming then actually I would probably say the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Seeing the animals roaming around is brilliant.

In fact, out of all 3 of your options I would say that the Poly is probably the least themed these days.. but nothing can beat that view across to the Magic Kingdom (well, until they added to DVC villas which block the view). I don't think you would go wrong with any of them. They are all great.

MrsWhites · 14/01/2023 23:06

None of these options are particularly Disney themed, lovely hotels and I would 100% pick Polynesian but from a child’s perspective they aren’t very ‘Disney’.

If you want Disney character theming, check out the value resorts. They tend to have big character models, character theming in rooms etc.

icefishing · 14/01/2023 23:10

Animal Kingdom Lodge was enjoyable.
You have the animals roaming around which you can see from your balcony.
The central lobby was was impressive and when we were there there was a themed restaurant.

TinaYouFatLard · 14/01/2023 23:13

For theming I would choose Animal Kingdom but that does mean using the buses to get to all the parks. Polynesian is on the monorail line which is a massive benefit IMO.

hellosunshineagainxxx · 14/01/2023 23:26

If you want real theming go for a value resort, especially something like art of animation the pool is amazing! or look at the themed rooms in some of the moderates. I have stayed in many disney hotels from my old job and if I were taking kids Id probably go for art of animation, its value plus but has great facilities and just really works for kids

Animal kingdom is a lovely hotel, if I was going as a couple id choose here, definitely felt more adult, though the buffet breakfast is to die for and the animals is a big tick if your little one is into them.

burnoutbabe · 16/01/2023 08:44

I am doing animal
Kingdom but only for 2 nights during the trip as it's very expensive plus the transport isn't great. So doing a split stay to make up for that.

ShaunaTheSheep · 16/01/2023 08:59

Have you been before and so understand the travel/distances on site? Poly is on the monorail so easy access to MK and Epcot. The other two are quite awkward to get to. On that basis I'd pick the Poly. Although Wilderness appeals.

BethDuttonsTwin · 19/01/2023 12:55

Thanks so much! I forgot I started this thread. Loved reading your replies. We have booked Grand Floridian 😲. I’m astounded at myself but get two nights free at the moment - book before 2nd March, and it worked out only £400 more than Polynesian. I’m SO excited!

OP posts:
Aprilx · 19/01/2023 14:18

I have stayed at Grand Floridian and Wilderness Lodge but only visited Polynesian and Animal Kingdom.

I would have liked to have been in the main building at GF but unless you book the more expensive club level room you will be in one of the outer buildings, still a nice place to stay. I didn’t really like Wilderness Lodge, well I did like the hotel but we had problems with buses.

I love visiting Animal Kingdom lodge and do every trip, I keep meaning to stay here but haven’t made it yet. The Polynesian is a bit of a bear pit, public areas are manic all the time, I like the look of the newly refurbished rooms though.

MaryShelley1818 · 30/07/2023 13:35

Definitely Animal Kingdon Lodge out of those, the best theming for children and an incredible experience for them.
We loved the Polynesian too but it's not as attractive for children. GF would be my last choice, stuffy and not really for children at all. Narcoosees is a beautiful restaurant though.

ididntthough · 08/09/2023 22:54

Check also if the renovations will be complete and/or the walking path reopened. The Polynesian one has been shut some time and the GF one is unpredictable. We stay at BLT/Contemporary. Less theming than perhaps you’re after but you can’t beat the short walk to MK

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