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Walt Disney World in Florida

Transfers from Orlando airport to wdw

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mincepielife · 18/11/2022 10:29

Can anyone recommend a private transfer that provides a car seat for a 1 year old?

We've currently booked the shuttle but nervous about the fact little one will be sat on us for over an hour!

Thank you x

OP posts:
Sleepyteach · 10/12/2022 19:47

We are going in April and are going to get an Uber, it was so much cheaper than any of the transfers, and there is an Uber car seat option, which is about an extra $10. We used Uber for airport transfers when we went to Orlando on honeymoon and it worked really well for us, even after a crazy delay and landing at 4am had no issue getting a car.

miraveile · 10/12/2022 19:51

I got a quote from this company for an upcoming trip. I haven't booked yet but will. They provide car seats. It's not cheap though.

miraveile · 10/12/2022 19:52

$275 round trip, not Inc tip

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