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Water proof pouch for phone and keys

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waltty · 19/09/2022 13:25

Traveling soon to Orlando, previously have always paid for locker at water parks for phone and car keys however just wondering if it will be cheaper to buy a waterproof pouch , so many on Amazon etc and I would rather pay more money and it is guaranteed to be waterproof, had anyone got any advice

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EmotionalSunshine · 02/11/2022 08:28

I'd always use a locker for car keys, hotel keys etc. I know there are bigger waterproof pouches/ bags for things like that, but you don't want to be bobbing about on a lazy river with one of those, and they won't allow them on rides. Depending on what water park, you can use one of the phone size pouches/ lanyards for your phone, and take that on the rides.
You can always pay for one of the smaller lockers to pop your keys in. 😀

waltty · 07/11/2022 17:53

Thank you , just returned and paid for a mini locker every day for keys phones etc $10 per day

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