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Walt Disney World in Florida

Disney Florida in November

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Justwingingit2005 · 08/08/2022 20:39

Can anyone tell me what the weather is like and the queues for rides. I was thinking mid Nov.
Thanks in advance.

OP posts:
KJPrice · 08/08/2022 21:05

Very hot when I went in 2018, although they were having a slight heatwave! Usually not as hot as it was - I hate the sun hence why we decided to go in November. Rides weren’t that busy, however since Covid this has changed massively! A lot more queues than usual.

Funnyfive · 08/08/2022 21:19

We’ve been at the end of October and it was hot, very hot at times!

BettyOBarley · 08/08/2022 21:22

We went on 5th Nov a few years ago and it was very hot, queues weren't too bad absolute longest probably 45 mins? Nothing compared to the recent hell of DLP!!

HermioneWeasley · 08/08/2022 21:23

Avoid thanksgiving which will be busy

weather could be anything - could catch the tail end of hurricane season, might be really hot, might have quite cold spells.

lifelaughloathe · 08/08/2022 21:32

Mid November you're probably gonna clash with thanksgiving and it'll be sooooo busy ( it was in LA when I went).

Sorry can't say about the weather but following as i was thinking of going in November.

BackToWhereItAllBegan · 08/08/2022 21:40

Thanksgiving is November 24th this year so a lot of kids will be out of school by November 19th and Disney is an extremely popular Holiday destination. I'd be planning to be done with my vacation by then if I was you!

BorgQueen · 08/08/2022 21:50

Late October is perfect, weather wise plus you have halloween decorations and then Xmas ones from 1 Nov. There is no way of knowing how busy the parks /queues will be, this year has been unlike any other.
I would expect fairly heavy crowds personally.
You do know that you have to pre book your Disney park days? Do some reading on Genie+ and Lightening lanes.
Where are you planning to stay?

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