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Walt Disney World in Florida

Best ages for Disney Florida

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Housemovestress · 29/08/2021 10:02

Just looking for opinions - dc are currently 5 and 7, it’s a trip I have always wanted to do with them but don’t want to go until youngest can go on most of the rides.

OP posts:
Alpinechalet · 29/08/2021 10:25

Look at TheDibb it’s a great forum for planning Disney.

They even have ride heights

Returnoftheowl · 29/08/2021 10:30

Height is the key thing for rides, rather then age. The tallest through restriction is 48 inches tall, for the biggest rollercoasters.

Trinacham · 29/08/2021 10:30

I went first at 8, nearly 9 and that was an ideal age. I still have wonderful memories from it, so much so that we chose to go there on our Honeymoon

Damnyoureyes · 29/08/2021 10:36

9 or 10 I would say.

It’s not just about height, it’s also about tolerance to huge queues and ability to wait and have patience tolerating heat in those huge queues.
It’s a lot to expect for wee ones.

YouveBeenLittUp · 29/08/2021 10:41

I went when I was 10 and think it was the ideal age. I was big enough for everything and understood I had to queue (was happy looking at everything around me but smaller kids wouldn't be). It's also a lot with a lot of walking and travelling (we done almost all the parks and were out nearly every day) so it could be very tiring for smaller kids too!

IceCreamAndCandyfloss · 29/08/2021 10:44

Over 8 so they cam enjoy everything ride wise and remember the trip. I’d not want to spend all that money on something they wouldn’t remember as too young.

Watto1 · 29/08/2021 10:44

Mine were 10 and 8 and could go on everything. One word of warning - Disney considers age 10 to be an adult which can push costs up somewhat.

36degrees · 29/08/2021 10:49

I'd say 8-10. I went for the first time at 8 (off-site hotel). I didn't go back until I was 22 (for one day, as part of a road trip) and then again at 40 for a full Disney bubble holiday, with DD 8.
I found that the planning was half the fun, and as well as the Dibb, which I found fine for reading but not great for posting, there are some really friendly and well-moderated Facebook groups.

Goneback2school · 29/08/2021 10:49

I've done it with a mixed age group of kids and I don't think there is a "perfect age". If you wait until they are big enough for the big rollercoasters then you miss the magic of small kids meeting they're favourite characters. One of my favourite memories is of toddler dd getting so excited over the disney junior characters and the princesses. We had no issue with long days, that's what plenty of food/ drink breaks are for and if you put a bit of planning in you can avoid traipsing from one side of the park to another in the same day.

Cheeseycheeseycheesecheese · 29/08/2021 10:53

I was 8 when we went, my brother 6, so a year older than yours. I loved it, my brother doesn't remember much except the giant shoe outside the toyshop and upside down house 🤣

I also have a bad memory of the trip. There were 3 rides I wanted to go on, but was too short, my dad and nan went on them anyway, (it was their holiday too so don't blame them)

If your youngest likes roller coasters, or your think they may want to go on them etc, I'd give it a few more years yet.

HawksAreRed · 29/08/2021 10:54

I took mine 2 years ago, ages 4&6. We had the best time and they still talk about it at least once a week.

Being young they weren't interested in big scary rides and doubt they would be for a long while yet. There was nothing that they wanted to go on that they couldn't and loads to do for their age group.

HawksAreRed · 29/08/2021 10:58

Also we went in August. So hot and busy, we had no issues tbh. Just good planning and acceptance that if we didn't have a fastpass, we weren't going on. There were plenty of rides that didn't have huge queues too.

ShaunaTheSheep · 29/08/2021 11:04

We took ours as teenagers - it was so awesome we went back again. They were up for early starts, mid afternoon chilling and late nights so we made the most of it, all the rides, sit down meals, water parks, crazy golf. And they took over the fast pass bookings on their phones, so DH and I just followed where they led. DD and I did the princess dining and they all enjoyed the character meets in an ironic way. Highly recommended.

StormyLovesOdd · 29/08/2021 11:16

We took our DD when she was 8 as she was tall so could have gone on everything, however she didn't like the dark and refused to go on most of the rides as the que's were too dark and she never really recovered from the jet lag going out so she was Aldi really grumpy and missed out on lots of things. I wish we'd waited until she was 12 or 13, she'd have loved it now but we can't afford to go again.

FrownedUpon · 29/08/2021 11:40

We went when ours were 5 & 7 and again when 9 & 11. It was miles better the second time, as they could go on everything and they just made the most of all the experiences. No tiredness/moaning. It was a brilliant holiday.

Coronado2 · 29/08/2021 11:43

We went when ours were 6 and 10 and the youngest was too short for a few rides, she still had a great time, but she does look forward to next time when she's tall enough for them, she'll be 7 1/2 then and will be tall enough for all the rides hopefully (only got about a cm to go).

Any age is a good Disney age 😁

Coronado2 · 29/08/2021 11:44

That was supposed to be a smile!

44PumpLane · 29/08/2021 11:46

If this is "one and done" then I'd say 8-10 as then they can go on everything and will be fine queueing and they will also enjoy Universal studios.

If you're not thinking "one and done" then any age is a good age, we took my twins just before they turned 3 in 2019, they absolutely loved it and still talk about it now.

We wpiod have gone last year and this year with them if it wasn't for stupid covid, we are sincerely hoping we will be able to take them next year again at age 5. We will do Disney and Sea World, it won't be worth taking them to Universal at this age.

dicdicnurse · 29/08/2021 11:58

We went in 2019 with my sisters family. We had 4 children between us ages 6-10 and it was perfect. So perfect that the memories have got us all through the last 18 months!
I really hope we get to go again one day but next time we'll see more of universal too.

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