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Shelly75 · 06/11/2009 10:34

Thinking of getting one for SS (just5) for Chraitmes this year. Has anyone got an opinion on them? thanks

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Shelly75 · 06/11/2009 10:36

Sorry for typos .... meant Christmas and DS!

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dowdowpen · 05/12/2009 15:12

This is probably too late for you but here's my opinion. We bought one of these for dd2 last christmas - she was nearly 4 and as dd1 was getting a ds lite we thought this would be ideal. We thought she's enjoy the dora game and it would grow with her. But to be honest the graphics aren't great and the game play is pretty limited, she did enjoy it initially but doesn't play with it at all now as she prefers to play on her big sisters ds. So guess what santa is bringing this year

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