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Does anyone want computer games to be accessible without a host site?

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underneaththeash · 10/06/2023 23:03

I like a couple of computer games still - Buldurs Gate type and Civ, but I don;t want to actually have to log into another host site to access them. Civ at the moment has another Mac issue and there's always something. I just want to download and not have another "thing" to have to work out.

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HerNameIsIncontinentiaButtocks · 10/06/2023 23:42

What do you mean? All the baldur's gate (and the other AD&D games) are straight buy-download-and-play, and so are the Civs. You'll have to log into Steam or GOG or whatever in the usual fashion to buy+download them, but you don't need to log in to a website to play them.

Oh hey! I didn't realise BG3 was out for Mac now. Well, that's something for after Tears of the Kingdom :)

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