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Xbox help!

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Libmama · 28/12/2022 17:26

My soon to be 9 year old wants an Xbox for his birthday in February. I think a series S will be fine as it’s just for him and it’s his first proper console after a Nintendo switch. My question is does it take game cards or do you have to do this monthly game pass thing?
I know nothing! Is there anything else I need for it?

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ohfacksake · 28/12/2022 17:33

My DS (10 in Jan) had one for Christmas. It does have to be the game pass for this console, however, after some research, I have discovered that it is cheaper to buy him a 3 month ultimate pass when he needs it rather than pay the monthly subscription. There are quite a few websites that sell them cheaper than Curry's etc.

Booktime · 28/12/2022 17:36

Hi, I upgraded my DS8 to an Xbox from a switch and got the series s( much cheaper than the x) the s is worth it and I don’t struggle without the disk drive.

He loves it and had the game pass, £10 a month and you get so many free games. Fortnite and Minecraft are free on it and they are the biggest games for that age range at the moment.

any other games you can purchase from the game store so don’t actually need the pass if you don’t want it

hope that helped

Libmama · 28/12/2022 17:42

Thank you so much! It’s a minefield when you have no idea about these things!

OP posts:
ReallyNotMe · 28/12/2022 18:23

There's more info here about the difference between Xbox live gold and Ultimate (gold basically gives you access to online gaming, ultimate gives access to loads of games) If you look at the FAQ you'll see that any months you have of live gold can be automatically converted to ultimate. So I usually wait till our subscription has completely expired, buy vouchers for a couple of years worth of live gold, then a small subscription of ultimate - and when I add it, the entire two years is converted to ultimate.

ReallyNotMe · 28/12/2022 18:24

Also I'd say a series S will be fine, just keep an eye on the storage as it fills up in no time (you can buy an external hard drive but of course it's extra £££)

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