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Gwdihooooo · 27/12/2022 09:57

My 13yr old wants to buy a PS5 with his Christmas money but we can’t seem to find one in stock that doesn’t come with an 18 rating game! - Thor. Why can’t I find the console in its own?

This is his very first console. I’m worried about the cost of games compared to PS4 and wonder if a PS4 is soo worth buying instead?

He has a gaming PC and plays XBOX games through it. Is it worth trying to persuade him to get an XBOX instead?

he knows more than me on the subject and really wants a PS5. I just can’t find them in stock!

Any ideas from you guys the experts? Thanks

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AWaferThinMint · 31/12/2022 15:59

In general, when buying new I'd lean into buying the most up to date version of a console as it is likely to last longer.

Having said that I have an Xbox one and a PS4 and they are both working absolutely fine as things stand. However, I expect we aren't that far away from new games not being brought out on these platforms.

Im surprised they only come with an 18 game. Used to be there were lots of different packages for a range of ages. Been a few years since I've bought new though!

Gwdihooooo · 01/01/2023 12:30

Thank you!… He ended up buying a PS5 with a small top up loan from me! Bit your advice make sense and I’m glad that’s what he chose. Thank you

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Gwdihooooo · 01/01/2023 12:31

We also went for the one with the 18 game on. But I’ve kept the code soo he can’t play it.

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AWaferThinMint · 01/01/2023 13:03

That sounds fab. I hope he's enjoying it. Console gaming is like being part of a movie these days they are so good 👍

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