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Roblox gift card - faulty and can't access help

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Roarsomemore · 12/09/2022 16:13

Posting for ideas how to sort this out...

Son was bought a £10 roblox gift card. Unfortunately it's faulty and the covering has ripped off the code underneath so unable to use it. We had the receipt so attempted to take it back to Tesco who said we have to take it up with Roblox. I've emailed [email protected] but this bounced back. I've attempted to contact them through the support page but the request comes back with an error message. I'm now at a loss what to do next. Any ideas? Thanks 😊

OP posts:
LemonMuffins · 12/09/2022 16:15

Do they have a Twitter or Facebook account you can message?

OrangePumpkinLobelia · 12/09/2022 16:22

I also second trying to contact them by whatever means you can.

We have had one issue with a roblox goft card when DS got a £20 one but when he redeemed it it came up as a £10.00. He was disappointed and I said we would try and sort it out the next day. Next day came and he had a message in his inbox saying roblox has realised there was a problem and had fixed it. He also gets auto-reimbursed for items he has bought which then are withdrawn for whatever reason so my experience of them has been that they are fairly on the ball.

So very best of luck.

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