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Nintendo switch games for 2 players

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stressbucket1 · 24/01/2021 20:10

Hi, just after recommendations for switch games for kids to play together on the same device. We have mario and sonic Olympics and mario kart so far, feel like split screen works better. Are there any other games you could recommend? Thanks

OP posts:
Legitimacy · 24/01/2021 20:19

Mario party I think it's called? It's like a board game with minigames in it

stressbucket1 · 24/01/2021 21:00

Thanks I will have a look at that one!

OP posts:
LifeIsBusy · 24/01/2021 21:02

Super mario brothers. It works really well as a cooperative game.

Notname · 24/01/2021 21:04

My kids like 1-2-Switch, and SuperSmash Bros is a great fighting game.

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