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Fortnite set up for xbox series s can anyone help?

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Ninbus · 26/12/2020 09:27

We are trying to set up fortnite to play. We have downloaded it but keep getting an error message and being redirected to a page that asks us to set up an account which we have to pay for. A subscription. I was under the impression you could play fortnite for free and didn’t need to set up a subscription. Does anyone know?

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HerNameIsIncontinentiaButtocks · 26/12/2020 09:34

You can play fortnite for free. You do need an Epic Games login, but that's not a pay-for thing.

However, Fortnite tries to sell itself to you constantly. Even if the game is loading properly the first thing you see after the loading screen is a "BUY THE SEASON PASS, CONSUME OBEY" page. You have to press B (probably) to get past that. And probably another page trying to tell you to "TOO CHEAP? BUY THE SUBSCRIPTION, IT COSTS MORE BUT YOU PAY MONTHLY SO YOU DON'T NOTICE BWAHAHAHAHAHAH" after that too.

I hate Epic. They're such shits.

Anyway, if you're definitely getting an error message, delete the game and try downloading it again. Don't, for God's sake, buy anything.

HerNameIsIncontinentiaButtocks · 26/12/2020 09:38

If you/r kid doesn't already have an Epic account, you can make life a bit easier by going to and using the "sign up" link at the bottom to create it there - either choosing one of the services or (my preferred) using an email address so it's independent.

PastMyBestBeforeDate · 26/12/2020 09:40

You might need xbox live to play it in which case you will need to pay for that.

CelestiaLudenberg · 26/12/2020 09:41

Do you have Xbox gold/ultimate? Fortnite is a free game, you do however have to pay to play games online on Xbox which is a subscription.

Ninbus · 26/12/2020 10:07

Ah I don’t think we have Xbox gold or ultimate. Need to check with dh. I think we only played online using Nintendo switch til now

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Ninbus · 26/12/2020 10:08

Thanks so much

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