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Cheapest device for playing Roblox

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fridacakehole · 02/08/2020 17:05

Can anyone recommend the cheapest device option simply for playing Roblox on?

At the start of lockdown we invested in an iPad gen 7 to help with lockdown home learning but also to use for gaming. It's been a lifesaver and would love another so the kids can play Roblox at the same time.

We simply can't afford another one though.

Would a Fire or similar be okay for just Roblox and would I need to consider memory/size/capacity and if so what should I look out for?

Thanks so much!

OP posts:
Oldestchild90s · 02/08/2020 17:07

As far as i know it works perfectly fine on the amazon fire tablets, i wouldn't have thought memory would matter too much but it's quite a cheap alternative to an iPad so i would recommend that 👍🏻

Snowpatrolling · 02/08/2020 17:16

My oldest has a fire and Roblox is really slow on it and glitches.
My friend said the same with her sons Android so she got him an iPod.
My youngest has an iPad and a cheap old second hand iPhone SE that she plays it on. That works fine.

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