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Skyrim ( ...on switch?)

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Bunnymumy · 20/07/2020 21:18

So I was debating getting this for xbox one and then i noticed it is also in switch.

Out of interest I watched a few comparison videos on YouTube. And I actually think a lot of the colouring is better on the switch version. Slightly less resolution but not a huge deal...actually makes it feel a bit more fairytale world and less real maybe..but that isn't always a bad thing. Apparently it handles the frame rates well too.

So now I'm torn. If I get it on switch i could play it handheld but... I think I may want to sell my switch some time down the line. Where as I'd never part with my xbox one.

Anyone want to weigh in with an opinion?

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Brunilde · 23/07/2020 18:55

A bit late but if you still need opinions...

I got it on switch and was really happy with it. I'm by no means a professional gamer but do play a lot. For me the convenience of being able to play handheld at the same time as watching TV or my husband playing PS was worth it. I had no issues handheld at all but I would generally choose convenience over an increase in graphics quality as long as the graphics were not totally crap. I definitely didn't play thinking god this looks rubbish. My husband on the other hand would probably play on whatever platform had the best graphics no matter what and thinks I'm ridiculous for buying the witcher 3 for switch

Bunnymumy · 24/07/2020 15:29

Hey, thanks! I actually bit the bullet earlier this week and went with xbox. Going to give it a bash today.

Haha I would totally be happy with witcher on the switch tbf too.

What character race do you like to play as in skyrim btw? And did you marry anyone? (Haha total girly question xD next I'll be asking about the horses... .... ....) lol.

OP posts:
MothertotheLordsofmisrule · 03/08/2020 17:51

Watches in excited Skyrim mode.

Only bit of advice - play it vanilla first time.

Then add the Inigo mod and convenient horses (?) as I always felt sorry for companions having to run while I rode.

Welcome to losing many many wonderful hours in that world.Grin

kamala4prez · 14/11/2020 19:53

PC is probably the ideal place to play it I think
I haven't used a switch but I imagine controls would be easier on an xbox

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