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Xbox live account

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AnnaFiveTowns · 03/04/2020 23:46

Could anyone tell me whether I need to buy separate xbox live accounts if my 2 children want to play online on separate consoles but in the same house? At the moment ds has xbox live and dd has games on a different console but she doesn't play online. If they both want to go online how would that work?

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Guyonhere1 · 03/04/2020 23:50

Then they would need separate Xbox live accounts

AnnaFiveTowns · 03/04/2020 23:51

Ok thank you. I've been googling and trying to find the answer to no avail.

OP posts:
TeaYes · 04/04/2020 00:05

Have you tried to log on to dd's Xbox with ds's log in info? I don't know if you can on Xbox but on ps4 you can share log in info across different consoles.

The way it works is you log on and then make a second "user name" on the console. So ds's and dd's game progress stays separate but they are using the same "main/paid account" .... As far as I know you would not be in breach of any t&c as long as it was the same household, blah blah.

Again not 100% with Xbox but if PlayStation can do it why not Microsoft lol Hmm

AnnaFiveTowns · 04/04/2020 00:20

I haven't tried anything yet. I didn't want to waste time trying if it wasn't possible to do. Also, I'm rubbish with technology and didn't want to mess up my son's games etc that he has saved. I don't understand how it all works...

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ScrunchyBook · 06/04/2020 21:24

You can share Xbox Live Gold membership in a household. Are they using Xbox One consoles? It's done by assigning a 'Home Console' by the person who has the paid membership, then anyone who signs in can use the subscription, but under their own gamertag.
Google "sharing xbox live". There are results from the Xbox help pages.

AnnaFiveTowns · 06/04/2020 23:46

Yes, one has xbox one and the other xbox one S. Should they be able to share an Xbox live account then? I've googled it but can't figure it out. Could they play together on the same game with other friends too on Xbox live with one account?

OP posts:
flameprincess · 07/04/2020 00:23

Yes they can share. I have Xbox live gold, my son does not but I have my account on his Xbox and set it as my 'home xbox' this gives him access to gold and all my digital games. We can play online at the same time and he doesn't need to have my account signed in.

flameprincess · 07/04/2020 00:24

Sorry I just thought I would clarify - both children need an Xbox live account each (which is free) but only one of them needs to 'pay' for gold.

ScrunchyBook · 07/04/2020 15:25

flameprincess or any other gamers please correct me if I'm wrong, but this is how I understand it...

To play games on an Xbox you will use a Gamertag (this is your personal profile as such), and each Gamertag will have an Xbox Live account (probably linked through email address given when they signed up). Xbox Live is free, and it lets you go on the online store and buy games, you can also add your friends and see when they are online etc.

To be able to play multiplayer games online with other people, you need an Xbox Live Gold account, this is the one you pay for (approx £50 a year now).

Each of your children have probably got their own Live account as they probably use their own individual Gamertag (they will have picked a name, and picture etc) and their game saves will be on those profiles.
I don't think you can have two profiles on the same Live account, but I don't see why you would want to or need to because it's free. What you can share, is the paid one, the Xbox 'Gold' Live subscription.
I hope that makes sense.

flameprincess · 07/04/2020 22:30

Yes Scrunchy that's spot on Smile

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