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Any Merge Dragons players?

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WhoWants2Know · 09/11/2019 11:18

My kids and I have become slightly obsessed with this one over the past week or so. Anyone playing who needs friends?

OP posts:
tanliningn · 28/11/2019 10:36

I play! My goodness that game is highly addictive ...

WhoWants2Know · 21/01/2020 18:45

Lol, OMG, someone eventually answered and I didn't notice. I was probably busy with an event 😂. If you are looking for friends, post a screenshot of your code and I'll add you.

OP posts:
goose1964 · 22/01/2020 23:48

I play too. I've 2 games on the go,one on my phone and one on my tablet😁

EmotionalFlood · 21/03/2020 19:06

I play this!! It's so addictive Grin

Tangofandango · 29/06/2020 23:12

I'm addicted to this game! Been playing since March. Does anyone have any tips how to finish the events? I think I'd have to play it nonstop day and night to finish.

My strategy is to clear as much as I can at the beginning then when I can't clear any more by matching I leave the game playing and build up as many orbs as I can to clear the land.

But I can never get further than one level 7 (Heaven?) orb and never got further than halfway through an event. It's so frustrating to spend so long playing an event then realise I'm nowhere near finishing it.

TIA for any tips.

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