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(New) Xbox won’t accept discs

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2019Dancerz · 15/01/2019 22:23

Hello, any ideas before I throw the console out the window? (My ds would probably jump after it)
Got an Xbox one S at Christmas, it has been fine except a disc got stuck in it and I had to follow the advice online (push paper clip into yellow circle at side to remove disc) - which worked.
Now I can’t put a disc in at all, well I could shove it in but it’s supposed to be drawn in by the Xbox.
I have tried unplugging it, and half inserting the disc while pressing the eject button the only suggestions I could see on line. No joy.
I bought it online and no idea how I would get help with it if it’s a fault.
So turning to mumsnet (no change there!)

OP posts:
BifsWif · 15/01/2019 22:25

Did you buy it new? Email Microsoft if so.

2019Dancerz · 15/01/2019 22:35

Hello, yes it was from amazon and I’ve just checked I can still return it to them - obviously worried they’ll say it was our fault but we’ve had other consoles for years without breaking them so I don’t think I’ve done anything stupid to it! Thanks for replying.

OP posts:
porkinmyteeth · 15/01/2019 22:35

Lots of info and potential solutions here

2019Dancerz · 15/01/2019 22:50

Thanks Pork. Have gone through that and their answer is that it needs repair - most of the fixable things seem to involve it being unable to read the disc, rather than that it won’t accept it. Now I need to work out how to post an Xbox to Germany without it costing the earth!

OP posts:
BifsWif · 16/01/2019 08:27

If you email amazon they may arrange to collect? Their customer service has always been really good.

Best of luck!

potatoscone · 16/01/2019 08:29

Send it back for sure.

2019Dancerz · 16/01/2019 20:08

Thanks guys. Have just realised we threw the box out in a fit of new year tidying. If I accept a repair amazon will send a free postage label, if I ask for a replacement (as it’s still so new) I have to pay postage - to Germany! That Black Friday bargain isn’t seeming so good now Confused

OP posts:
paprickapaull · 10/02/2019 19:38

Get a new one . Or file a complaint

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