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Jurassic World Alive

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Pretendingtobeapsychokiller · 22/12/2018 03:39

I need to confess my new obsession.
I am a level 40 (and then some) Pokémon Go player. I have loved it since the start. Was an obsessive raider - got my shiny legendarys etc. Have used a Gotcha for a while, so I can pretty much play with minimal involvement.
When the friends thing started, it became a bit of a chore. Gen 4 is underwhelming so far. I've fallen out of love with it a bit. Confused
Then someone showed me JWA. I'm hooked. It's beautiful, an interesting concept, and I love being able to sit home and actively achieve things. Fusing DNA to create new creatures is a grind - but so fun.

I'm still playing Pokémon Go, and have Let's Go too, but it's becoming harder to play compulsively. Maybe it's level 40 lethargy. We will see.

Anyone else on the Dino trail too?

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