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Xbox help

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DragonmotherKhaleesi · 13/04/2018 11:17

Hi. I got my 2 sons an Xbox for Xmas and Xbox live gold.
I'm clueless and trying to help them do the basics but I'm not much help!
How do they add friends? How can they chat with headsets to friends and not strangers?
We have just downloaded fortnite, how can they play this together?
Please help they are so frustrated!!

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MothertotheLordsofmisrule · 14/04/2018 11:57

For live access

You need to get friends gamer tags and search for them once Live

Set up parental controls Xbox website is really good or nerds on google.

I'm going to be out soon but I will bbe back, just sit tight, keep the zombies away from the door. Someone will return to help you.

Flapdoodles · 14/04/2018 20:13

I have just asked DS11, he says you can only play one at a time and you add friends by finding out their Xbox name and adding them. You can have a party, which is basically a group where you can chat to each other and play the game together. If you set up the party (which comes up as one of the options), you can add (invite) people and if someone is not playing fairly, you can kick them out of your game. Other people do try and join in, but DS says he just ignores them. When you are in a party you can only hear the people who are in it (providing they have a headset).

I hope that makes sense, I have never played but if you have any questions I will ask DS.

DragonmotherKhaleesi · 14/04/2018 23:49

Thankyou. I will see how we go and no doubt be back!

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Kerberos · 15/04/2018 17:31

How old are your sons?

Mine at 8 and 10 have strict parental controls. They're only allowed to be friends with people they know in real life. Anyone who joins a party is muted if they're not friends.

gamerchick · 15/04/2018 17:32

A machine each or between them?

DragonmotherKhaleesi · 15/04/2018 22:35

A machine between them.
What's a party?

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