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Adventure game recommendations?

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GrimDamnFanjo · 05/02/2018 13:16

Difficult to describe the exact type I'm interested in, but wondering if there are any other fans on the board who have played some good ones recently.
I've just bought a few Sam and Max classics via Steam and their telltale games sale, and have Thimbleweed Park still to play...

OP posts:
frankenburger · 24/02/2018 21:05

P.C. or console?

GrimDamnFanjo · 27/02/2018 00:42

pC, well Mac to be really awkward...

OP posts:
treehousethunderstorm · 13/03/2018 14:51

I'm looking for the same thing. Love all the classic lucasarts games, monkey island, day of the tentacle, Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis.

I've got telltales back to the future on both pc and xbox one but cant seem to get into it even though it's my favourite film.

Love open world games but not all the fighting.

littlemisscomper · 13/03/2018 15:00

I don't know if this is your thing because it's more platform/problem solving, but Unravel is just gorgeous. It's challenging (totally heart thumping at times!) while still having a really 'nice' theme to it. I think the graphics are amazing too.

AsuraGuardian · 15/03/2018 21:17

Grim Fandango!!! I've played a lot of adventure games over the years and none compare to this!

The Day of The Tentacle is by the same guys as Sam n Max, similar humour.

AsuraGuardian · 15/03/2018 21:19

Oh.. just noticed your username so I'm assuming you already have Grim Fandango! Grin

GrimDamnFanjo · 17/03/2018 10:34

Lol yes! Not many people get the reference!
I'm a big fan of Amanita games, although they are more puzzles. I will look up Unravel though as that sounds like it may be interesting.

OP posts:
WeeCheekyBird · 17/03/2018 10:42

If you like point clicks, machinarium is lovely and hand drawn. Book of unwritten tales was good too.

Pretty much all of the telltale ones are good. Walking dead especially.

Last Day of June is basic but beautiful and sad.

Life is Strange has a great story that takes you back to those teenage feelings.

I play a lot of games haha. Could be here all day 😁

AsuraGuardian · 17/03/2018 13:57

Oh yes, Amanita games are lovely, Machinarium is beautiful, it's one of my favourites!

The Cave is more a puzzle platformer/adventure type thing but the humour is brilliant and it has a great story. I've heard good things about Broken Age too, I have it but not played it yet.

To The Moon is an adventure game that has high praise.

If you're wanting really old ones I remember loving Simon The Sorcerer. I haven't played it since the 90's though so no idea if it stands the test of time! Or if it's on Steam.

SimonBridges · 03/04/2018 16:37

Thimbleweed Park.
DH and I played it together over the rainy bank holiday weekend. Just difficult enough with a great story.

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