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Pokemon card question

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Reiltin · 14/11/2016 15:44


My nephew wants Pokemon cards for xmas. Only cos they're cool, not cos he's really into them. I'm happy to oblige, to a certain extent! I don't want to spend upwards of £20 on a whole set but I would happily spend around £4 for a small pack. However, the small packs are called booster packs, which suggests they supplement the large games but don't work on their own. Is that right?

Basically, is there any point buying the small booster packs if he doesn't have a full set to use them with?


OP posts:
dementedpixie · 14/11/2016 15:48

You only get a few cards in those booster packs so wouldn't be that great on their own

dementedpixie · 14/11/2016 15:53 maybe a theme deck?

dementedpixie · 14/11/2016 15:55
SortAllTheThings · 14/11/2016 16:07

Yep, the tins are good. DS tells me that the Mew one is the one he wants

GrinchyMcGrincherson · 14/11/2016 16:28

Get a starter kit tin for £10. A booster is useless on its own.

JennyPocket · 14/11/2016 16:29

The best cards are Mega EX cards. You can get EX cards which are pretty good, but the Mega versions are the ultimate wants.

In the tins you sometimes get EX cards and/or a Mega but my DS got only one EX cards (no Mega's) from the 2nd tin he got, that EX card was the one showing on the front. There were none in all the packs, just reams of ordinary ones.

However we have struck luckier on the packs that Tesco sell. These are the sort that are a single pack of cards, but presented on a cardboard blister pack and have a little plastic disc on the front (also cool/tradeable). The smaller toyshop only sells single packs (not on cardboard/no disc) and we've had a few of those, but with only really low value, older cards in - nothing exciting - but one pack did once have an EX in it.

If your DN is not particularly into the cards, he might be happy with volume rather than the really cool cards though! A tin is a good place to start and you should definitely have at least an EX in there, as it has 4-5 packs of cards inside I think, and the tin is great to keep them in and it looks nice as a gift.

JennyPocket · 14/11/2016 16:32

grinchy the tins are £13 in Tesco, it has a note on the shelf saying cheaper than Argos/Asda (can't remember which) who sell for £13.95. Might be cheaper elsewhere.

Oh and OP - beware of bundles of cheap cards online - they are generally fakes!

Oblomov16 · 14/11/2016 16:39

I too am just starting ds2 off, do thank you, I didn't realise those Argos evo packs at £4.99 were only full of rubbish old cards.
Will look into other sources.

dementedpixie · 14/11/2016 17:35 we get a lot of Pokemon cards/tins/sets from here

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