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Has anyone bought WoW Legion?

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Youarenotprepared · 18/09/2016 18:17

I bought warlords and loved the new areas etc but I got bored quick because end game was only raids and everything was so easy in garrisons you couldn't make money off anything. I felt it really isolated you as you just came on collected your stuff and then boooooorrreeed.

I'm hoping legion is better but hoping some gamers out there can give me some impressions. I have a £50 Amazon voucher coming and I'm currently debating between legion and the new sims 4 expansion...

OP posts:
VioletRoller · 18/09/2016 18:44

Haven't bought it... yet :P

Smooshface · 19/09/2016 07:11

I am playing it, but without a guild or friends it is a bit lonely, and all my chars on pvp servers, who has time for that now? It is fun though :)

IAimToMisbehave · 19/09/2016 18:24

I'm playing and enjoying. I'm a bit behind as started late, but I think professions have improved again after the utter spanking they got in WoD, so far lots of fun.

Smoosh if there are no friendly guilds to join on your server, why don't you transfer, or level a new baby on a different server and make some new friends?

TrionicLettuce · 19/09/2016 18:34

I'm playing it and really enjoying it.

I've got my main to 110 and finding the World Quest stuff far better than old style dailies, it's nice being able to pick and choose what to do based on whether I want gear, rep, mats, etc.

Also loving doing the class hall and artifact quests on my various alts, it's nice having such a varied introduction to the new content depending on class/spec.

LottieL · 19/09/2016 18:50

It's a lot of fun. There's plenty of new zones to explore, each with an interesting and engaging story.
It's nice to have such a wide variety of things to do, and the lore updates (cinematics and the like) are great.
If you liked Wrath of the Lich King I personally feel it's very similar.

Missyaggravation · 24/09/2016 19:55

I like it, hated wod with a passion, so boring

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