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AIBU to feel a tad sad and utterly gutted?

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monkeyslut · 21/01/2011 06:47

..about this news story Sad I took one look at the pictures and my head screamed 'Nooooooooooo!'


I hope he gets to find most of it again.

OP posts:
Ryoko · 24/01/2011 22:05

It's not the end of the world if he opens them all up and cleans the mud out, then lets em dry out they will be fine, the only things that are 100% buggered would be the glue sealed cartridges that can't be opened such as Atari Lynx ones but thats only if they are not totally properly sealed, otherwise they would just need a quick wipe oh and the more mechanical units such as the Saturn would probably be beyond his skills to clean but he could get someone else to do it.

shouldn't live on the ground floor TBH, I grow up in a council estate, when I moved in with DF I felt very vulnerable because he had a ground floor flat with a street level front door and everything, we are in a third third floor place now much better, I'd never want to have anything valuable at street level but then thats just how I've lived, like people who live on boats hate dry land I guess.

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