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Vegan store cupboard/freezer essentials

theneverendinglaundry · 19/06/2020 11:53

I'm trying to eat as many plant based meals as possible, with the aim to east plant based 100% of the time.

What are your store cupboard and freezer essentials? What do you always make sure you have in, so that you can knock up a quick meal or snack?

I have a big shop booked for Tuesday and am looking for inspiration!

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sleepismysuperpower1 · 19/06/2020 12:02

there is a good list here of storecupboard essentials
and a helpful list of freezer tips/recipes here
I also found some bits in the PETA vegan starterpack helpful

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LeGrandBleu · 19/06/2020 20:23

Lentils and chickpeas
Hard tofu and tempeh
Nutritional yeast
Soy sauce and miso
Black, read and brown rice
Brazil nuts (for selenium) , walnuts, almonds and cashew
Chia seeds and grounded flaxseeds (these needs to stay in fridge)
Good extra-virgin olive oil
Red wine and Balsamic vinegar
Dijon Mustard (for dressing)
Onion powder, garlic powder, smocked paprika

In the freezer
Frozen berries

Snacks (I don't snack but I have)
Roasted seaweed
70% dark chocolate

and you NEED vitamin B12 and I would add Vitamin D, omega 3 EPA/DHA, iodine drops, possibly iron supplement,

The bulk of my meals are vegetables, so not in pantry but fridge. I don't eat any of the substitute or fake foods.

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RubaiyatOfAnyone · 19/06/2020 20:41

I’m trying this too - a mixture of breastfeeding a dairy allergic baby, and wanting to eat less dairy anyway. I will go through the helpful lists pp posted, but just to lower the tone:

Galaxy vegan chocolate - amazing, and i say that as a committed milk chocolate aficionado. Ditto Ritter Sport marzipan, and Ombar strawberry.
Marmite peanut butter. Because it exists and you can say you’re eating it with a spoon for the B12.
Ben & Jerrys vegan.
Pure spread - sunflower for toast, and their baking one for cake/biscuits. I just made Rhubarb & Apple crumble using it and it was yum.
Oatly milk, esp for making porridge.

And i’ve just been recommended this supplement specifically made to fill the gaps in a vegan diet:

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theneverendinglaundry · 20/06/2020 08:37

Thank you!

You've all been very helpful. Lots of things to add to my shopping list!

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