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LONDON - cheap centralish family hotel???

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Fimbo · 15/06/2010 22:32

Is there such a thing. Have looked at Travelodge and Premier Lodge and they are all Docklands way or mega expensive even for them. Can you do London on a shoestring or does it simply not exist???

OP posts:
Valpollicella · 15/06/2010 22:39

Whereabouts do you need to be close ish too Fimbo?

Fimbo · 15/06/2010 22:41

Preferably Liverpool Street Station, Valpollicella or somewhere easily accessible by tube that doesn't involve miles of walking when you get off as there will be 9 children from a very young baby up to a 14 year old!

OP posts:
laurawaterford · 15/06/2010 22:48

Friends have stayed at www.Ace-Hotel.comin chelsea kensington a couple of times. It is a hostel but they thought it was very good and an excellent location They stayed with their 4 children. I think it cost them about £90 night.

tethersend · 15/06/2010 22:49

Can you do a late booking?

If so, try Top Secret Hotels as they let a lot of rooms in the city, especially at weekends when they are not as busy.

Otherwise, try holiday inn in Old street or I think there's one in Aldgate East...

laurawaterford · 15/06/2010 22:51

sorry wrong link! should be

Valpollicella · 15/06/2010 23:01

How many rooms will you need? Ie what the adultchild ratio in each room?

Fimbo · 15/06/2010 23:31

Thanks for the links will look them up.

Will need 4 rooms

Room 1 - 1 adult/1 child

Room 2 - 1 adult/3 children

Room 3 - 1 adult/2 children and a baby

Room 4 - 1 adult/2 children

OP posts:
stilletoe · 16/06/2010 16:58

You could try London Imperial Hotels also, they are quite reasonable, they are slap bang in the centre of London, a few yards walk from Russell Square tube.

greenbeanie · 16/06/2010 17:09

We stayed at the menetone hotel which is at Cartwright gardens, Bloomsbury. Very easy walking distance to Kings cross and Russell Square tube. They had great family rooms and weren't too expensive. It is also near a Waitrose which was handy for snacks, fruit etc for the children

mummymeister · 16/06/2010 22:23

We are 2 plus 3 kids and when we are in London we always stay at the John Howard Hotel. It is right next to the Albert memorial and a short walk up from all the museums. They have some 3 bedroom mini suites which on the face of it look expensive but then when you compare it to 2 rooms in a Travelodge, add on breakfast and the fact that you can't come back and make a quick supper for the kids when you want ( the JH suite has a kitchen!) I think they are brilliant value. Lots of our friends have stayed here too and also speak highly of it.

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