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London Hotel for family of 5

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Choccyoclocky · 15/07/2023 16:24

We are looking to go to London early next July.

We would be getting the train, children would be 12 11 6.

We want to be near the National History Museum and a few attractions near by (children are good walkers thankfully!).

Can anybody recommend any that aren't ridiculously priced or an Airbnb. We haven't been anywhere except a Premier inn for 2 adults so this is all new and I am confused/overwhelmed by it all!

OP posts:
user1471464218 · 15/07/2023 16:32

We are a family of 5 and stay in yha youth hostels in London. Never one walking distance from nat history museum though. We fly so pick hostel based on ease of transport to/ from whatever airport we are using.

AnotherDayAnotherUsernameForMeAgain · 15/07/2023 16:32

We used the doubletree Hilton at the Docklands before. There was a free ferry pass with the room but not exactly a bargain.

Perhaps other Doubletrees do the same?

neonjumper · 15/07/2023 16:56

University halls can be rented during holidays .

Fivemoreminutes1 · 15/07/2023 16:57

Cherry Court Hotel near Victoria 
Lord Kensington and Lord Jim (two different hotels) near Earls Court
Parkwood at Marble Arch

APurpleSquirrel · 15/07/2023 17:00

We go to London a couple of times a year to see family & stay at the Doubletree by Hilton London Docklands too.
It's quite cheap in comparison with other more central ones; you get the free ferry pass between the hotel & Canary Wharf; & they do family rooms & suites.
You can also get similar in the hotels in Canary Wharf - but you've obviously got to travel to get to central London etc.

SheilaFentiman · 15/07/2023 17:08

You could get two premier inn or travelodge family rooms, one adult in each. Any room for 5 will be a suite and ££ in London.

A family room for 1st July 2024 in Earl’s Court premier inn is currently £159, can be cancelled with 28 days notice.

Where are you getting the train from? You might be better with a family railcard and staying somewhere with fast trains eg Watford, Woking, Chelmsford etc.

CornishTiger · 15/07/2023 17:15

Actually Hilton London Metropole two queen beds and a sofa bed….

Think we’ll be doing two rooms though due to ages of kids and space needed.

Choccyoclocky · 15/07/2023 17:15

@SheilaFentiman Train from Norwich.

I'll check out where Earls Court is! I am terrible with places, directions and everything. 2 rooms are probably the best option is they're that cheap and an doable distance.

OP posts:
thevegetablesoup · 15/07/2023 17:17

We have stayed in Earl's Court yha- there are 4 of us but they had bunk rooms which slept 6 with en-suite in the garden courtyard bit. Not fancy but great location.

millymae · 15/07/2023 17:27

We have stayed in the Blakemore near Hyde Park several times
I haven’t looked at prices for 2024 but they have rooms in July this year sleeping 5 for just over £200
It may be worth a look
They are currently offering a 12% bluelight discount if you have a card

Choccyoclocky · 15/08/2023 20:22

Booked a hotel! Park Plaza Riverbank. We got a Riverside suite. It has a extra large double bed, sofa bed and they've added an extra bed for us free of charge. So the room will fit 5 of us in. Breakfast included. It's £416 so money money money. But we don't ever go away and it isn't something we'll likely do again.

OP posts:
Choccyoclocky · 15/08/2023 20:24

I know it isn't close to NHM but it's close to the main attractions so I don't mind travelling.

OP posts:
distinctpossibility · 15/08/2023 20:29

We stay in Lords Hotel which is basically like a hostel but with an en suite room. Perfectly clean and serviceable. Usually around £140 including a simple breakfast for 6 of us if booked well in advance. It is about a 20 minute walk from Hyde Park and within 10 mins of Notting Hill and Bayswater stations. There's a high street with independent cafes, restaurants and a Bella Italia nearby.

distinctpossibility · 15/08/2023 20:30

Wow @Choccyoclocky sorry I cross posted with you. That sounds lovely.

MBails · 19/09/2023 03:40

We're looking at the Doubletree Docklands for an upcoming trip - would you stay there again?

Roselilly36 · 19/09/2023 05:16

London hotel rooms are usually teeny tiny, I would much rather hire an apartment on AirBnB, if travelling with family, more space, and a kitchen if you need it.

Rhizi · 23/10/2023 20:53

Tips please, going to London for 2 days. 3 teenagers 2 afults. Whats good to do there?

LeCirqueFouFurieux · 27/10/2023 09:11

Hostels are going to be near impossible due to the COVID and Refugee legislation changes - charities working with homelessness are having to book the rooms out rather than use the community shelters.

Earl's Court is a five / ten minute walk from Natural History Museum.

Imperial College rent out their student halls during the Summer, book early - they will up quickly. They don't do adjoining rooms though you can book doubles and singles etc. and security is tight throughout the day and night (swipe card access, security and front desk staff).

I would avoid Beit as it's rented medical student (and the union is in the courtyard) but Eastside etc. are great.

LeCirqueFouFurieux · 27/10/2023 09:12

@Rhizi  may be better to start your own thread with a list of what type of things you like... London has a lot to offer.

MunchkinExpress · 28/10/2023 10:15

Rhizi · 23/10/2023 20:53

Tips please, going to London for 2 days. 3 teenagers 2 afults. Whats good to do there?

Bicycle tour, find on TripAdvisor. Climb the O2. Book the Sky Garden free access. Tower of London.. book in advance direct with the site and not through other companies. Houses of Parliament tour... again book direct with HoP.

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