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Tips for trip to Northumberland

69 replies

NoHayDosSinTres · 29/03/2022 16:19

We have 3 nights booked in Morpeth, Northumberland in Aug. We plan on having this as our base to discover some of the main sights in the area.

Can someone please share some tips on places to go, things to do and great places to eat in the area, for a family of 4 including 2 teens.

OP posts:

LaBelleSauvage123 · 12/04/2022 23:14

We’ve just been to Alnwick for a 3 night break - well it turned into 2 nights after EasyJet cancelled our flight.
Loved Alnwick Gardens and Barter Books.
Had the most amazing seafood platter at the Fish Shack in Amble
Pipers Pitch kiosk in the car park at Craster does a haggis and bacon roll - the Auchtermuchty- and a kipper roll, both of which are great, and the owners are lovely.


Perfectlystill · 14/04/2022 07:53

Those of you suggesting Cragside, what is the best part of it?

The website says it's England's 'first smart home' which doesn't sound that thrilling from a family POV, but I'm intrigued as so many ppl say they loved it.

Please tell me as I'm wondering if we should go or not!


Geometric · 14/04/2022 09:02

@Perfectlystill. we like the gardens best - house is cool too, but we’ve been a few times and ran out of time to go inside last time. They are proper exploring gardens - carriageway long walk, big rockery type walk, woodland etc, some lovely views.


Perfectlystill · 14/04/2022 09:12

Brilliant thank you so much @Geometric


Abraxan · 14/04/2022 09:28

Holy Island - check the tide times. Try and time it so that you can watch the tide come in too - even as a much older teen dd loved to watch the local cars chase the tide, seemingly unconcerned of the road being covered over.


MumzeeSaz · 14/04/2022 15:30

My part of the world...think everyone has pretty much covered it all off but having been last year...(I now live in the South)
Definitely fish and chips at Sea Houses
Cragside for culture
Alnwick Castle for history and fun stuff
Bamburgh Castle for history and culture and gorgeous beach
Dunstburgh Castle and Embleton Bay for a secluded but beautiful beach
If you have teens - surfing lessons although you might want good wet suits as it's freezing in the North Sea!

It's all gorgeous - maybe even a trip to Newcastle going South and heading north to Almouth and even Berwick.

Whatever you do - enjoy.


SallyCinnamon3009 · 14/04/2022 15:39

Bamburgh and seahouses
Alnwick - for barter books, Alnwick castle and garden
Dunstanbrugh castle
Hexham is nice
Holy island/ lindisfarne


Blert · 14/04/2022 15:47

Wood fired pizza from the van at The Schoolhouse Gallery in Alnwick Smile


midsomermurderess · 14/04/2022 21:18

I'm right now staying right by the wall in a tiny place called Chollingford, 5 miles from Hexham. I'm going to use the AD 122 to wander up and down the wall and visit the sights, do some walks. It's lovely.


44PumpLane · 17/04/2022 19:37

Where in Morpeth are you staying OP?

Food in Morpeth, Lollo Rosso Italian restaurant is decent, Nandon Thai is good Thai food, Mulan for decent Chinese.

Loads of nice pubs and cafes now too.

Running Fox does great cakes, scones and pies and afternoon teas (and take outs).

Northumberland is the most castle rich county and so you're spoilt for fact Morpeth even has its own castle too (although Morpeth Castle is quite dinky)!

There are loads of great NT and EH places in the North East but I definitely echo Cragside- beautiful gardens, interesting walks and actually genuinely interesting how Lord Armstrong developed/used hydro electricity for his home.

Loads of other great suggestions on the thread for day trips from Morpeth, honestly you'll be aspoilt for choice.

Farne Islands is also a great shout.


JustBkind · 17/04/2022 19:39

We’re thinking of going here in August so this is really helpful! Enjoy your hols!!


LuluBlakey1 · 17/04/2022 19:53

Riley's Fish Shack is extortionate and outside. You'll be cold in October. Don't waste your money on it.

Barter Books at Alnwick is fab.
Definitely Holy Island (Lindisfarne)- it is absolutely beautiful- but you need a good weather day and to match the tides. You have to like walking but it is lovely.
Cheswick beach near Holy Island is breathtaking as is Ross Bay Bay .
Budle Bay is fab if you like birds and wildlife.
Can still go to the Farnes in October on a trip from Seahouses
Low Newton By the Sea- you could walk to Dunstanburgh Castle and back and have lunch at The Ship at Low Newton- great food and atmosphere. Tiny village.
Howick Gardens are much nicer than Alnwick Gardens - it's an arboretum and lovely in autumn. Great tea room. Children can run wild among the trees- you might see red squirrels too. There's a lovely walk to the coast from Howick but go after lunch because you have to leave the gardens to do it.
Embleton Bay is also beautiful.
Amble is a cheerful seaside town - chips etc.
Warkworth, near Amble has a castle and great walks- is very quaint and beautiful.

It is the best county in England by a mile. The countryside is lovely too and there's Hadrian's Wall and the Cheviots. It's all great.


LuluBlakey1 · 17/04/2022 19:54

Ross Back Bay not Bay Bay- you could do that and Budle Bay in the same day and have tea in Bamburgh.


LuluBlakey1 · 17/04/2022 19:56

Please don't risk the tide at Holy Island- your car will be a write off if you get caught and the RNLI have to rescue you- only fools do it. It's dangerous.


PiffleWiffleWoozle · 17/04/2022 20:24

Pizza at the Star at Harbottle and a walk to the Drake Stone.

There’s a lovely traditional toy shop in Rothbury if you are already at Cragside but too old for teens.


PiffleWiffleWoozle · 17/04/2022 20:24

Young not old


NewYorkCityDreamer · 27/04/2022 20:47

Blyth south beach, Whitley bay (di meos), morwick dairy are great for ice cream!

alnwick castle if the teens like Harry Potter


AnneElliott · 27/04/2022 20:52

Farne islands - great day seeing the little Puffins.


TrillianMurphy · 27/04/2022 21:11

Blert · 14/04/2022 15:47

Wood fired pizza from the van at The Schoolhouse Gallery in Alnwick Smile

Oh, didn't know that place was ever bloody open. Tried 2 different days during its supposed opening times and it was shut. Not even a note saying when they'd reopen.

Anyway, I think everything I was going to recommend has already been mentioned.
My favourite things we did on our Northumberland based holiday were:
The Roman Army Museum
Alnwick Castle
Bamburgh Castle
Durham Cathedral.

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