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English Writing Classes

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djenny92 · 09/04/2023 06:49

Can someone recommend me a person that offers english writing classes, as I am trying to improve my english writing as in my work occasionally I have to write blogs, and they do not always sound that coherent and well-written

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SpringBunnies · 09/04/2023 06:56

Try ChatGPT? It’s one of the things it’s really good at.

SpringBunnies · 09/04/2023 06:57

I’m not being flippant. It can’t do creative, but some copywriting like this is very formulaic.

djenny92 · 09/04/2023 07:00

I would like the blog or the text to sound really well-written and professional

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BunsenBurnerBaby · 09/04/2023 07:02

Good writing comes from lots of reading. Agree w PP though: Chat GPT also really GeForce drafting.

BunsenBurnerBaby · 09/04/2023 07:02
  • good for drafting

    autocorrect not so much
Oopswediditagain2023 · 09/04/2023 14:43

are you english or is english your second language? the brand i work for works with a great english teacher (we have a lot of young interns etc from all over the world who come and work for us!) - I'd be happy to pass on their details.

djenny92 · 09/04/2023 19:27

English is my second language, however I have the feeling that my english is better in writing than my native language, hence I guess my overall problem is related to my writing skills

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