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What is 11+ Over Tutoring?

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Thefourthseason · 19/12/2022 23:23

So.. I see lots of theads regarding kids preparing for 11+ and regular references to those being "over tutored" struggling in grammar schools as perhaps they were not naturally bright enough....
So...what is considered "over-tutored"? and what is "bright enough"....

Surely the vast majority need a tutor to be in with a chance (particularly if in state school).....

Are there any markers/predictors of likely suitability for the grammar environment?

Does KS1 SATs performance offer any guidance?

Hard work vs natural above average ability or must have both?

Is "brightness" about the ability to grasp new concepts easily and retain/reproduce this?

Welcome your thoughts/experiences

OP posts:
IrisAtwood · 06/04/2023 10:48

LBFseBrom · 06/04/2023 05:17

I quite agree, plus some help and encouragement from parents. However I saw earlier a poster saying you can't expect the schools to prepare children for the exam because it isn't on the national curriculum. I'm sure it is in schools local to me.

I used to teach in an independent school. I know that the junior school (I taught in the secondary school) prepared children for entrance exams, including the 11 plus. This is so that the children could apply to other independent schools and/or grammar schools.

LBFseBrom · 07/04/2023 22:28

It was the same at my son's school, Iris.

Margot2017 · 07/12/2023 18:37

Deleted - posted in the wrong place

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