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My son doesn’t know how to study

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AnnaRaisingTeens · 19/07/2022 08:47

My son (about to turn 17) is awaiting GCSE results. I have no clue what to expect. He studied zero, nada, not at all. It’s as though he was stuck and couldn’t pull himself out of it. (For me that is literally the stuff of nightmares, to be walking into an exam for which I hadn’t opened a single book to prepare). I cajoled and lectured a bit, also sat down to offer practical help, but to little avail. He’s very smart and has coasted through his education to date - but no study will not get him the results he’s capable of. He’s having a bit of a rotten time this summer, mental health wise. He knows he’s not on the path he wants (A-levels, university, Further Maths is his favourite subject). I do badly want to support him. His Dad and I are separated but united on this point.

I’d love to connect with anyone who’s a bit further down the path in a similar situation. Will a good tutor help? He had some school counselling earlier in year after he got in some trouble, so therapy is definitely part of the solution. His Dad confessed that he feels it’s history repeating itself - he never learned to apply himself and in his own words has underachieved all his adult life. I feel there’s just a short window now where I can be a positive influence and help him turn this around.

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