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11+ Exams - What is a good score?

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Dhatrader · 26/11/2021 02:53


My daughter is going to be sitting the 11+ exams from overseas for the following schools:

  • Reigate Grammar School
  • Kingston Grammar School
  • Sir William Perkins's School
  • Lady Eleanor Holles School

I have been working with my daughter to sit past papers to get familar with the type of questions she might encounter. Each school is different, but English and Maths is prominent as expected. However, two schools have Verbal/Nonverbal/Problem Solving (Lady Eleanor) and CAT 4 (Reigate).

I have a subscription for Atom Learning and Pic Academy, so she gets familar with the Verbal/Non-Verbal/CAT 4, but what would consistute a good score for Lady Eleanor (SAS) and Reigate (CAT4).

For her SAS for Verbal and Non-Verbal she is now scoring around 110. Hopefully, she can go up a few notches in the next few weeks. Would that be a reasonable score to expect?

Finally, Lady Eleanor sets their own paper for Problem Solving - it is a language and logic paper for which no preparation is necessary or possible. I have no idea what that could consist of. Any guidance would be appreciated.


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