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Bond books - which level?

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Monkey2222 · 21/10/2021 00:19

Sorry if this is a really noddy question…but for 11+ CEM exam prep should we be looking to do bond books at age 10-11 or 11+-12+?
Thanks in advance!

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Monkey2222 · 25/10/2021 14:03


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Bin85 · 06/11/2021 15:31

Depends on the child's age and their ability .
My year 5's are on 9-10 or 10-11 and I would hope them to move on to 10-11 ,11-12 and maybe a bit of 12-13 during year 6.We use other materials too.
I am noticing more gaps this year than usual probably due to lockdown and home learning.No point trying to push on if they are not ready.

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