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Advice on finding a tutor for our special needs son (Waterford, Ireland)

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RichardJennySneyd · 17/09/2020 21:55

Hi, we're looking for a home tutor who can teach our 6 year old child 20 hours per week, on the home tuition scheme (Ireland). Our son has a mild intellectual disability, as well as sensory processing disorder and auditory processing disorder, and an accompanying speech and language delay (mostly uses 1, 2 and 3 word phrases at present, but is progressive in receptive and expressive language skills), so really, we'd be hoping to find someone with experience and understanding of children with these kinds of needs, but no idea where to start looking...

Any suggestions? We live in Ardmore, Waterford, Ireland.

Thanks in Advance,
Richard and Jenny Sneyd

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workingfortheclampdown · 17/09/2020 21:58

Try - the Waterford section might be useful

RichardJennySneyd · 18/09/2020 15:48

@workingfortheclampdown OK will try that. Thanks a mil for the response!

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