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Colchester North iAchieve Extra Tuition Centre

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SWITCHB · 09/10/2018 20:31

Hi everyone.Does anyone have any idea how Colchester North iAchieve Extra Tuition Centre(Queen Boudica School,Myland,Groove's) are at tutoring a year 2 and reception child?I am interested in getting a little extra help in English for my kids as its not our 1st language and my son especially struggles with comprehension and vocabulary.Any suggestions will be highly acknowledged.

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April2018mom · 10/10/2018 23:02

How old are the kiddos now? What are their school reports like? Do they make pleasant reading or not?

SWITCHB · 10/10/2018 23:19

They are in year 2 and reception.Am confused between First class learning and
Colchester North iAchieve Extra Tuition Centre?

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