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Advertising Private Tuition

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ImranLakhi · 28/01/2018 19:48

Hi all,
Mumsnet first timer so not sure about all the rules.
I run a small private tuition business which I would like to advertise more widely. Not had a huge amount of luck on Fb, where I have my own page as well as advertising on a number of local selling groups.

Also tried to contact schools to see if I can advertise there, no luck. Thinking of reaching out to dental surgeries, doctor's etc but would prefer something online with a wider reach.

Am I allowed to advertise on mumsnet?

Where else would you suggest advertising?

Thanks in advance!


OP posts:
pepperpot99 · 08/02/2018 10:10

There is a small ads page on MN if you look on the Talk contents page.

Schools won't let you advertise - and it is very bad form to try and target Dentist and Doctor facilities as well.

Word of mouth is always the best form of advertising - it's free.

The market is already saturated; what's your USP?

ImranLakhi · 08/02/2018 13:31


Many thanks for your reply, I will check out the small ads page on MN. In reply to your points:

*You might be right about schools, especially because it might take work away from their existing teachers. I'll keep trying.

*Don't particularly want to target dentists but I'm curious as to why you think it's a bad idea.

*Word of mouth only works if you have clients! I have one at the moment, let's see where it goes.

*Do you mean the market in my area is saturated or in general? I tutor across ages and subjects, covering primary school Maths as well as A Level Economics, Business and Grammar School Entry, hopefully that will set me apart.

I might also try Gumtree but you have to pay to advertise private tuition.

Thanks again

OP posts:
SheeshMcNeesh · 09/02/2018 22:59

Word of mouth is your best bet, and friends etc. who may recommend you.

Keep an eye on Facebook too - often your local for sale groups may have people asking for recommendations.

It’ll take a while to build your reputation (trust me, I despaired at the start), but you should get there, as long as you have a good catchment around you. I’m in a biggish city with many private schools so it’s been quite easy for me - depends on your area’s socioeconomic and demographic profile.

Good luck!

KingFlamingo · 08/05/2018 21:03

Websites like TutorHunt and FirstTutor are good but not so much for businesses, more for individuals.
May be worth a look though.

Racecardriver · 08/05/2018 21:04

Have you considered going through an agency?

Racecardriver · 08/05/2018 21:05

Also look at student room. Some schools will make exceptions for alumni so contact your old school.

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