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maxi micro scooter with joystick

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mrswhatsername · 24/06/2010 22:18

Should I get the maxi micro scooter with the joystick handle? Worried its unsafe when on the pavement. My son already goes super-fast on his mini micro (which is sooo fab I want the maxi now he's older), will the joystick version be OK for me, the worried mum yelling "stop" as he careers towards the kerb?

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AlfredaMantolini · 24/06/2010 22:19

Hmm. I got my DCs the maxi micro with 'proper' handles, but I didn't know there was a joystick option. FWIW, the one we have is fantastic.

MrsDinky · 24/06/2010 22:29

One of the children at school (Yr R) has one and seems to get on fine with it, he tears around the place on it. It is the only one I've seen though, every other one I've seen (including DS's) has the crossbar one, I felt that I should stick with the familiar. DS loves his.

mrswhatsername · 25/06/2010 19:59

OK, thanks for your thoughts, I think "proper" handles might be best, just don't get the joystick thing, but then, I'm not 6 years old!

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