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Maxi Micro Scooter

3 replies

shuz · 22/06/2010 11:53

My son loves his maxi micro scooter which we take absolutely everywhere including holidays abroad. I am disappointed that after over 6 motnhs the wheels have buckled and I am surprised as it cost around £90, I am not sure whether I should return it or get it repaired, has anyone else had the same problem with the micro scooters?

OP posts:
StarSailors · 24/06/2010 15:11

Take it back to where you got it from, or maybe try contacting Micro Scooters directly.

They are usually really good and sort things out for you. Obviously if it's happened because it was not looked after or run over or something then thats different, but I would definately ask in the shop you got it from.

DilysPrice · 24/06/2010 15:16

Defintely contact shop and then if you get no joy from them manufacturers. Six months is not long enough for something that costs that much, and you've got a good case for a replacement (unless DS is 18 and 6'3'').

DD has been using her original micro scooter for 5 years now.

shopalot · 24/06/2010 15:18

We has a problem with a micro scooter and I phoned them up Jojo maman bebe where I bought it from and within two days I was sent a replacement part. I bought the maxi scooter from the same shop so hopefully if we have any problems they will sort it out. Where did you buy it from?

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