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playhouses - so confusing!

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stainesmassif · 20/06/2010 21:08

our cm has a selection of playhouses and a massive garden. ds (18 months) is really starting to enjoy playing in her little tikes play house - plasic, gaudy, has window shutters that are fantastically funny to open and close. it's sooooooooooooooo cute.

so i've been thinking that it might be nice to get him something along these lines off ebay. however, having mentioned it to dh he has typically decided that we should get a fantastic wooden one that'll take up more of our relatively small garden than i had planned.

on the one hand, i can see the benefit of having a more tasteful piece of garden furniture that will last a lot longer and can also be used by dc2 (when they arrive in december - or some time after december!) on the other hand, i think it might be nice to get a really good one when they're both old enough to appreciate what they're getting - what a cool present....and make do with some plastic fun for now.

god, i go on sometimes. has anyone else struggled on the horns of this dilemma?

OP posts:
withorwithoutyou · 20/06/2010 21:15

Strangely, we are.

We have decided, in the end, on a plastic one which can be dismantled in winter and put away. Also thinking of moving at some point and not sure how easy a wooden one would be to move.

The wooden ones are nice though, but I don't have a problem with plastic tat

stainesmassif · 20/06/2010 21:25

yes, that was my other point, a wooden playhouse to go with a larger house in the future. (hopefully).

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2cats2many · 20/06/2010 21:30

I just bought a 2nd hand little tikes playhouse on ebay for £50. My two absolutely love it. DS (who is 20 mo) spent the first day just opening and shutting the door. Ours is yellow and doesn't actually look too offensive and I'll be able to sell it on agaon when they grow out of it.

stainesmassif · 20/06/2010 21:33

yes, i love the door opening. it's the same when he gets in and out of his 'gar'. it kills me!

OP posts:
geordieminx · 20/06/2010 21:35

I got my wooden one from Tesco Direct, but it came from Waltons who also have their own website. Think there might be a pic on my profile?

Its great, and also doubles up as a storage space for bikes/toy kitchen and other junk

stainesmassif · 20/06/2010 21:41

and there's another reason that i've used to persuade myself that i should get one - storage! gorgeous photos gm!

OP posts:
geordieminx · 20/06/2010 21:47

Thank you!

If you can afford it, get one that you can stand up in (I'm only 5"1 so it wasnt that hard) - your back will thank you!

We put ours on the decking which meant that he wasnt trailing across the grass everytime he wanted to go in - also meant it doesnt get damp - we have carpet in it too - got a piece twice the size of the footprint from general george carpets or similar for £9

This is the one we got but think it was £190 in Tesco

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