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elc big city or wooden garage?

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frazzled74 · 11/06/2010 16:28

which one is best for 4 year old boy? cant decide, also like the toy van ones, does anyone have one? are they worth the money?

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FabIsGoingToGetFit · 11/06/2010 16:28

Do you mean the blue one?

frazzled74 · 11/06/2010 16:41

yes thats the one ,its £55 and the wooden one is £45,

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PfftTheMagicDragon · 11/06/2010 16:44

We have the wooden one, it's good. Not been a fan of the plastic ones, the ramps always break.

FabIsGoingToGetFit · 11/06/2010 16:46

The plastic one is good, though ours came with no stickers and it does get dusty. I love wooden toys. Not worth any offer to get the box of cars though, they are rubbish.

frazzled74 · 11/06/2010 16:49

yes i love wooden toys and the one he plays with at nursery is wooden, i will be sensible and forget the toy van ones, too much money and i have birthday discount for elc. thanks for replies

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