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Gruffalo stuff.

4 replies

Kellunga · 16/03/2010 13:34

Has anyone seen all the Gruffalo stuff, I heard there is a new Gruffalo Trunkie coming out? There are some bits on but not the Trunkie.

KF x

OP posts:
IHaveABlueCar · 16/03/2010 13:42

My local Waitrose sells the Gruffalo trunkie, its about £8 more expensive than a normal trunkie.

Kellunga · 16/03/2010 13:44

Oh okay will have a look in Waitrose. Thanks. x

OP posts:
Lizzylou · 16/03/2010 13:46

Don't know about a trunkie, but have a look on this site

My DS2 has the backpack and soft toy from there and I found a Gruffalo jigsaw in The Works.

oldandknackered · 21/03/2010 08:09

Next is selling the Gruffalo Trunki, too. Check out the website.

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