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Toy- looking for Baby Gap pink bunny

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Pen52 · 27/02/2010 14:16

My little one has fallen in love with the Baby Gap newborn essentials pink rabbit that she received as a gift when she was born. I went buy a 2nd one to avoid the meltdown that people tell me will happen going forward, when I wash it, she loses it etc - however they no longer do them!

If anyone knows where I can get please let me know. I've checked ebay & the last one sold in Dec, nothing currently.


OP posts:
Angnonymous · 31/03/2010 10:47

Yes, I have the same problem, except in White! I was hoping to buy No.2 replacement rabbit but they were all gone. Doesn't help that the care instructions say "wipe clean only". I desperately need to throw our's in the wash (especially after many colds this winter).

LozSpauly · 09/04/2010 08:48


I have the same problem. I contacted Gap and they tried to locate one for me but they have discontinued it. Now i'm not a happy bunny! Dreading if we lose it now! Going to try to wash it quick.

andie177 · 09/04/2010 19:06

Me too! This is my little girl's favourite toy to sleep with and already it's looking worse for wear, so I was hoping to get a back up just in case. I have stuck it in the wash several times and it has just about survived...

mummydevon · 28/05/2010 22:29

My 2-year old daughter has had her pink rabbit "Hop Hop" (her name for him) about 18 months and loves him. I have washed him heaps of times in the machine and he survived fine. Unfortunately she lost him at nursery today - hopefully we will get him back, but I'm gutted to read here that they don't make him anymore! I will have to pray that he is found again.

tillyr · 06/08/2010 17:15

I have just called GAP customer services and apparently they have brought it to the buyer's attention that the blue and pink bunny rabbits are in HOT demand. My daughter has had her "bubba" from birth and is so attached to it that I have to wash it when she is asleep!!

I was watching them on ebay and one of the blue bunnys has just sold for £45 (not including postage)! GAP are really missing out on an opportunity if they don't bring it back. The customer service guy said that even if they do bring it back it won't be until at least next spring! Aaaagggghhhh... Sad

mommatortuga · 26/10/2010 12:42

I am so sad to read all of these posts! My daughter is 6mo and adores her little bunny. I have been searching for another one and just want to be sure it is the same one before I stop searching. Hers happens to be white and is about 9 inches and oh so soft. The tag says Jellycat. It does not stand on it's own or have any piping. I have looked on Jellycat's website but have not found one just like the one she has. Is this the same bunny you all are talking about? Thanks all for your help!

KyraLukaMummy · 01/08/2011 23:15

I know these are old posts but have just found this thread while searching for this bunny! My little girl loved her pink bunny untill it fell out of her buggy a couple of months ago :( just woundering if anyone ever had any luck trying to find it? Thanks!

thisisyesterday · 01/08/2011 23:17
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