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AIRFix _ WHAT AGE and how long do they take a kid

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KittySpencersEmerald · 17/02/2010 15:55

and does the adult do it

OP posts:
Hassled · 17/02/2010 15:59

Yes, what happens is that the adult regresses, becomes boringly obsessed and the child quickly gets bored and wanders off.

DS3 got so fed up painting little soldiers that he just crammed as many as he could into one of those tiny paint pots so they'd get painted faster - I was impressed by his ingenuity but DH seemed to think he was missing the point.

Hassled · 17/02/2010 16:00

Age - DS3 is 7 and probably too young. But it's more about the concentration/mindset of the child than the age. DS2 old enough but disinterested even if he had the fine motor skills.

KittySpencersEmerald · 17/02/2010 16:01

you see i fear that he would like that dungeons dragons thing
but no way aer we getting itno that

OP posts:
KittySpencersEmerald · 17/02/2010 16:02

he mutters about GormITI
anyone got that?

OP posts:
haggisaggis · 17/02/2010 16:05

My dh bought an airfix set for dd (at that time 6 and has problems with fine motor skills!) to do. She then sat bored at one end of teh table while dh painted and glued all tehse fiddly little bits together. It's not finished- nor is teh set that ds has (he's 10) or the several sets that dh has bought himself over the years.

Pogleswood · 17/02/2010 16:08

DS (just 10) and I made a plane at the weekend,(small one,spitfire sized),and he could have probably done that on his own if he'd done it before.But it was very fiddly,and it was more fun with the 2 of us.I think it's a balance between what their fine motor skills are like,how perfectionist they are,and how much they actually want to build the model.(This was my model actually but Ds appeared and asked if he could build it with me!)
Its a good idea not to be too ambitious at first!

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