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Best play kitchen for a toddler group?

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AllBuggiedOut · 22/01/2010 18:23

The ancient plastic kitchen at our toddler group needs replacing. We have limited storage, the kids range from babies to pre-schoolers, and while we don't have an unlimited budget, I do want to get something sturdy and durable that will last well.

Any recommendations? Do you or your toddler group have anything good? Little Tikes stuff is often decent quality, isn't it, so I wondered about this maybe?

OP posts:
sb6699 · 23/01/2010 14:00

I think that looks good - big enough for a few children to be playing at once too.

I looked at this for my dd's but unfortunately dont have anywhere to put it - it does seem pretty sturdy (Little Tikes stuff normally is).

My dd's nursery has the one with the barbecue but it is huge.

2cats2many · 23/01/2010 14:18

Ikea do a really good one. Link here

FaintlyMacabre · 23/01/2010 14:26

Our toddler group have just bought this one, it folds up so is a good choice for limited storage. They all seem to love it, especially opening the windows and doors and ringing the doorbell endlessly.

AllBuggiedOut · 24/01/2010 15:00

Thanks - is the Ikea one good and sturdy? Our group had a wooden Ikea ironing board which was pretty light and flimsy so we had to get rid of it...

The corner playhouse looks great, and is on offer in Argos for £91 so wonder if that would be a good bet.

Any more thoughts please?

OP posts:
AllBuggiedOut · 27/01/2010 11:43

Bought the one you recommended, FM, and they love it! Although the doorbell and light don't work

OP posts:
atworknotworking · 04/02/2010 13:26

I've been thinking about getting this one since xmas, I like the folding up (limited storage) and the lots of space for a few to use at the same time, the thing that puts me off is the lack of cupboard space, we have quite a few storing schemas with us - find stuff in very perculiar places - so don't know if they will like it as much as a play kitchen that has cooker / washer / cupboards to put things in.

Do you think any of the children you care for were disappointed at the lack of opening doors?

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